About our Printing Method

All our prints are made using an HP Design Jet Z3200ps printer on the best quality papers and canvas. The inks we use are pigmented inks (the same mineral based colorants in artists oil paints) and which have a much longer lifespan than non-pigmented inks and chemically processed photographic papers.

Independent accelerated aging tests preformed on these inks and papers  indicate that objectionable fading will not occur in normal use for 150 years or more. Conventional ink jet prints using dye based inks (ie: your local print outlet in a shopping centre) and can fade objectionable in as little as 5 years!

We recommend that images printed on glossy paper are laminated to provide them with the greatest longevity. Our laminate is a soft pliable coating (you hardly notice it’s there!) that protects the image from fingerprints and scratches and eliminates the need to keep it behind glass.