Pen Hi Grads ’55 to ’77

Penticton Secondary School has always paid tribute to those who graduated in the past by featuring their grad class photos or composites on the walls throughout the school. The tradition was for the entire class to be photographed as a group on the night of prom.

Back in 1972, the past owners of this business, Bob and Eleanor McDonald, began taking individual portraits of the Penticton graduating students. Thanks to diligent filing practices, we still have all of the negatives from 1972 to the current year. The individual portraits from 1972 – 1977 have been scanned, and we hope to eventually scan and have all of the photographs up for viewing.

We also have digitized all the grad class group photos that have been archived by the school district, which includes 1955 to 1971.

Copies of these photographs can be ordered online by clicking through below, or call us or come into the studio in person. If the desired year is not one of the ones up on the site yet, we can locate those negatives and scan them for printing. We are very happy to have been able to preserve this little piece of Penticton’s history!

NEW! Grad Class Group Photos from 1955 to 1971.