Miss Penticton Royalty 1948 to Current

The Miss Penticton program affords the young candidates training opportunities in personal growth and development through scheduled courses including attitude, etiquette, motivation, public speaking, politics, time and stress management, cosmetics, modelling and the Super Host program. Each year, Miss Penticton and her two Princesses act as ambassadors for the city of Penticton to communities as far away as Calgary, Spokane and Seattle.

The first Peach Queen was Beverley Ann Young. She was crowned Queen Val Vedette I. This title was chosen by her parents from the names of three popular peach varieties – Valiant, Veteren and Vedette. The following portraits of the years’ royalty have been done by several local photographers. Mr. Gordon Harris, of Harris Music Shop started a tradition of purchasing and displaying the portraits of the previous years’ queens and the newly crowned Miss Penticton in his store window during peach festival. Thanks to his foresight, we can present to you the entire photographic record of this long standing personal development program.