Photographic Services

Business Portraits



      Do you have an up-to-date professional business portrait? Let us take one for you!


Our business portrait session fee is $100. After your session, we will go through the images with you

      and help you make your selection. Chosen images are $50.00 each and will receive full retouching - teeth, hair,

      blemishes, etc. We provide your files in high and low res, and in both colour and black and white.


Family Portraits

Family and Portrait Photography

 How important are portraits? Stuart's philosophy on creating portraits for his customers puts very high value on what portraits mean to his customers:

"A timeless glimpse into life's most precious moments" is probably the best way to describe my goal when creating a photographic portrait. My earlier years in the profession were more focused on technical mastery. But as that has now become second nature, it is wonderfully fulfilling to be so in tune with my subjects that I am able to capture them at their best, capturing their character and personality for the future.

I realize now, more than ever before in my career, our ability as photographers to perserve time in this way, is greater out of all proportion to the monetary rewards we receive for our portrait work. What greater profession to be in than one where those we serve love and cherish our work many times beyond its mere dollar value?"

Portrait Session Fees:

1 – 3 People – – – – $250
2 – 6 People – – – – $350
7 – 12 People – – – – $500


Fees cover the time needed to plan and create the images for your final portraits. This includes the all important pre-portrait consultation to discuss details such as locations, clothing, props and more. A viewing session is then held at our studio where you will select your favourite images and purchase your portraits. You will view your images very large and in great detail and clarity to make the best choice. 

Commercial & Product Photography


Properly presenting your product or service can go a long way to making a sale. We can help you achieve the perfect look, and portray the message you want your clients to receive.

Modelling Headshots

Modelling - Dance - Acting
Head Shots


Session Fee – – – – $150

A minimum of 50 exposures will be taken, with one change of clothes allowed. Session runs for approximately one hour.

*Fee’s include only the photography session, in which Stuart will provide his guidance in lighting, posing, and props. A viewing session held at our studio is included, where prints and digital files may be purchased separately after the session.

View our gallery for more information on pricing.

Architectual Photography

Whether you're a real estate agent trying to sell a home, an architect adding to a portfolio, or a business owner looking to promote your storefront, Stuart has the skills and equipment necessary to capture your buildings true character.